Small Stoneware Bud Vase E, F, G and H

$25.00 / Sold Out

Hand thrown on the potters wheel, these stoneware Bud Vase are uniquely glazed in a turquoise glaze adding to that one off charm. Suitable for single flowers, small bouquets and garden flower cuttings.

Approximate dimensions:
Vase E: Rim 2.5cm, Hight 8.5cm, Base 8cm, Weight 182g.
Vase F: Rim 2cm, Hight 10.5cm, Base 4cm, Weight 165g.
Vase G: Rim 2.5cm, Hight 9.5cm, Base 8cm, Weight 176g.
Vase H: Rim 2cm, Hight 9.5cm, Base 8cm, Weight 182g.

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