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Porcelain and Black Clay Small Shell Bowls


The Shell bowls are unique no two are the same. The design came from my interpretation of shells on the beach. They are made from Porcelain and high fired Black Clay clay safe to use in dishwasher, oven and microwave.
Approximate dimensions:
O= Hight 4cm, Diamiter 11.5cm Porcelain
P= Hight 4cm, Diamiter 11.5cm Porcelain
Q= Hight 4.5cm, Diamiter 10.5cm Porcelain
U= Hight 4cm, Diamiter 11cm Black Clay
R= Hight 4.5cm, Diamiter 10cm Porcelain
S= Hight 4.5cm, Diamiter 11cm Black Clay

Please contact for postal quote outside Australia.

  • O Porcelain Shell Bowl 100%
  • P Porcelain Shell Bowl 100%
  • U Black Clay Shell Bowl Sold Out
  • Q Porcelain Shell Bowl 100%
  • R Porcelain Shell Bowl 100%
  • S Black Clay Shell Bowl 100%