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Mixing bowls small 'V' shape


These mixing bowls are multi functional: Tapas, they make great serving bowls the spoon can rest in the lip.
Safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.
Approx. size: Height 7cm, diameter 12cm, hold approx. 300 mils
The bowls are all hand thrown on the potters wheel, there may be a slight variation in size.

Please contact for a postal quote outside UK.

  • Apple Green mixing bowl 100%
  • Red mixing bowl 100%
  • Blue mixing bowl 100%
  • Small Poppy decorated mixing bowl 100%
  • 'Sea creatures' decorated mixing bowl 100%
  • Sheep decorated mixing bowl Sold Out
  • Owl decorated mixing bowl 100%
  • Orange decorated mixin Sold Out
  • Brown decorated mixing 100%
  • Holly green decorated mix Sold Out
  • Green glazed mixing bowl Sold Out
  • Grey decorated mixing bowl Sold Out