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Environmentally friendly Slug Trap


Environmentally Friendly Slug Trap ©ebsworthpots2013
High fired Terracotta which is glazed inside. Approx. length 14cm

Simply pour some beer into the back of your slug trap and place in your garden, greenhouse or anywhere where you have a slug problem. The slugs are attracted to the beer and drown, a safe way to get rid of slug rather than using pellets.To wash out turn slug trap upside down and pour contents out, rinse and start again.
They come in various designs Hen, Duck, Elephant, Hedgehog cat and Owl. Commissions welcome.
They are assembled from pots hand thrown on the potters wheel and are all unique.

Please contact for a postal quote outside UK.

  • HEDGEHOG Slug Trap 100%
  • OWL Slug Trap Sold Out
  • ELEPHANT Slug trap Sold Out
  • xmas gift wrapping per pot 100%